Let your journey to Metaverse begin...


Preconstruction Planning & Building the Comminity 

 Q1 2022

Chapter 1 

  • Launch Twitter Discord and Web site.

  • Reach 1000 member

  • Release official Road map and Whitepaper

  • Design First Collection Vol 1.0

Chapter 2

  • List First 126 pieces vol 1.0 collection

  • Prepare 1556 pieces vol 2.0 collection

  • Continue to build community

  • Reach 5000 member 

Architectural  Desining & 3D Modelling

Q2 2022
Chapter 1 

  • Mint will be live for Vol 2.0 

  • OG and WL member will be mint before the public.

  • Announcements of new Partners and new Collabrations.

Chapter 2 

  • We’ll surprise the community after the mint

  • Regular(weekly) meta-house auctions with SOL

Köy Evleri
Journey to Metaverse

Q3 2022
Chapter 1 

Launch Web 3.0 website

Entry into house using NFT in website.

Chapter 2

Prepare 3556 pieces vol 3.0 collection

Reach 25.000 Member
Q4 2022
Chapter 1

Launch 3556 pieces vol 3.0 collection Reach 50.000+ Member My meta-House Marketplace (Trade furniture, fishing rod, Plants etc.)

Chapter 2
House Rent system with SOL
Starting work to Building a metaverse by combining the plots of houses. You will now be able to visit neighborhood.



This Project is not a game . This houses is a Personal Space for Metaverse. İf you have a meta house you will have a unique space for yourself.
You can change and customize your house, change color and material or change furniture position.You can visit your house and water your plants , feed your pets, every day. You can invite your friends and play chess or play dart game in the house. You can exhibit your Nfts at home and show them to your friends. MymetaHouse..
You can change your house position. This week stay in the forest and than next week go to the sea side or Lake . İts up to you...


We are Architects. For 15 years, we have been professionally doing architecture, building design and construction in universe. We have made hundreds of people homeowners and it was very nice. But we are bored :) from now on we want to do things like architecture, building design and construction in the metaverse. We quit the job, now we're ready.

Let your journey to Metaverse begin...




How rare is


Meta Houses Vol 1.0


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